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import_export::ImportStatus Struct Reference

#include <Importer.h>

Public Member Functions

 ImportStatus ()
ImportStatusoperator+= (const ImportStatus &is)

Public Attributes

std::chrono::steady_clock::time_point start
std::chrono::steady_clock::time_point end
size_t rows_completed
size_t rows_estimated
size_t rows_rejected
std::chrono::duration< size_t,
std::milli > 
bool load_truncated
int thread_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 603 of file Importer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

import_export::ImportStatus::ImportStatus ( )

Definition at line 612 of file Importer.h.

613  : start(std::chrono::steady_clock::now())
614  , rows_completed(0)
615  , rows_estimated(0)
616  , rows_rejected(0)
617  , elapsed(0)
618  , load_truncated(0)
619  , thread_id(0) {}
std::chrono::duration< size_t, std::milli > elapsed
Definition: Importer.h:609
std::chrono::steady_clock::time_point start
Definition: Importer.h:604

Member Function Documentation

ImportStatus& import_export::ImportStatus::operator+= ( const ImportStatus is)

Definition at line 621 of file Importer.h.

References rows_completed, and rows_rejected.

621  {
622  rows_completed += is.rows_completed;
623  rows_rejected += is.rows_rejected;
625  return *this;
626  }

Member Data Documentation

std::chrono::duration<size_t, std::milli> import_export::ImportStatus::elapsed
std::chrono::steady_clock::time_point import_export::ImportStatus::end

Definition at line 605 of file Importer.h.

Referenced by import_export::Importer::set_import_status().

std::chrono::steady_clock::time_point import_export::ImportStatus::start

Definition at line 604 of file Importer.h.

Referenced by import_export::Importer::set_import_status().

int import_export::ImportStatus::thread_id

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