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TargetValueConverterFactory Struct Reference

#include <TargetValueConvertersFactories.h>

Public Member Functions

std::unique_ptr< TargetValueConvertercreate (ConverterCreateParameter param)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file TargetValueConvertersFactories.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

std::unique_ptr< TargetValueConverter > TargetValueConverterFactory::create ( ConverterCreateParameter  param)

Definition at line 227 of file TargetValueConvertersFactories.cpp.

References ColumnDescriptor::columnType, SQLTypeInfoCore< TYPE_FACET_PACK >::get_type(), SQLTypeInfoCore< TYPE_FACET_PACK >::get_type_name(), kARRAY, kBIGINT, kBOOLEAN, kCHAR, kDATE, kDECIMAL, kDOUBLE, kFLOAT, kINT, kLINESTRING, kMULTIPOLYGON, kNUMERIC, kPOINT, kPOLYGON, kSMALLINT, kTEXT, kTIME, kTIMESTAMP, kTINYINT, kVARCHAR, and ConverterCreateParameter::target.

Referenced by Parser::InsertIntoTableAsSelectStmt::populateData(), and Fragmenter_Namespace::InsertOrderFragmenter::updateColumns().

228  {
229  static const std::map<SQLTypes,
230  std::function<std::unique_ptr<TargetValueConverter>(
231  ConverterCreateParameter param)>>
253  auto factory = factories.find(>columnType.get_type());
255  if (factory != factories.end()) {
256  return factory->second(param);
257  } else {
258  throw std::runtime_error("Unsupported column type: " +
260  }
261 }
Definition: sqltypes.h:52
Definition: sqltypes.h:41
HOST DEVICE SQLTypes get_type() const
Definition: sqltypes.h:326
std::string get_type_name() const
Definition: sqltypes.h:429
Definition: sqltypes.h:55
Definition: sqltypes.h:56
Definition: sqltypes.h:44
Definition: sqltypes.h:48
SQLTypeInfo columnType
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