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GeoTargetValuePtrSerializer< kLINESTRING > Struct Template Reference

#include <ResultSetGeoSerialization.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static TargetValue serialize (const SQLTypeInfo &geo_ti, std::array< VarlenDatumPtr, 1 > &vals)

Detailed Description

struct GeoTargetValuePtrSerializer< kLINESTRING >

Definition at line 215 of file ResultSetGeoSerialization.h.

Member Function Documentation

static TargetValue GeoTargetValuePtrSerializer< kLINESTRING >::serialize ( const SQLTypeInfo geo_ti,
std::array< VarlenDatumPtr, 1 > &  vals 

Definition at line 216 of file ResultSetGeoSerialization.h.

References SQLTypeInfoCore< TYPE_FACET_PACK >::get_notnull().

217  {
218  if (!geo_ti.get_notnull() && vals[0]->is_null) {
219  // NULL geo
220  // Pass along null datum, instead of an empty/null GeoTargetValuePtr
221  // return GeoTargetValuePtr();
222  }
223  return GeoLineStringTargetValuePtr({std::move(vals[0])});
224  }
HOST DEVICE bool get_notnull() const
Definition: sqltypes.h:335

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