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create_table Namespace Reference


class  Column
class  SyntheticTable


tuple parser = ArgumentParser()
tuple required = parser.add_argument_group("required arguments")
string dest = "data_dir"
tuple default = os.getcwd()
string action = "store_true"
string help = "Indicates that the code will only generates synthetic data, bypassing all "
tuple args = parser.parse_args()
tuple synthetic_table

Variable Documentation

string create_table.action = "store_true"

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tuple create_table.args = parser.parse_args()

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tuple create_table.default = os.getcwd()

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string create_table.dest = "data_dir"

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string = "Indicates that the code will only generates synthetic data, bypassing all "

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tuple create_table.parser = ArgumentParser()

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tuple create_table.required = parser.add_argument_group("required arguments")

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tuple create_table.synthetic_table
Initial value:
2  table_name=args.table_name,
3  fragment_size=int(args.fragment_size),
4  num_fragments=int(args.num_fragments),
6  db_user=args.user,
7  db_password=args.password,
8  db_server=args.server,
9  db_port=int(args.port),
10  data_dir_path=args.data_dir,
11  is_remote_server=False,
12  )

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