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anonymous_namespace{ExpressionRewrite.cpp} Namespace Reference


class  OrToInVisitor
class  RecursiveOrToInVisitor
class  ArrayElementStringLiteralEncodingVisitor
class  ConstantFoldingVisitor


const Analyzer::Exprstrip_likelihood (const Analyzer::Expr *expr)

Function Documentation

const Analyzer::Expr* anonymous_namespace{ExpressionRewrite.cpp}::strip_likelihood ( const Analyzer::Expr expr)

Definition at line 759 of file ExpressionRewrite.cpp.

Referenced by fold_expr(), and rewrite_expr().

759  {
760  const auto with_likelihood = dynamic_cast<const Analyzer::LikelihoodExpr*>(expr);
761  if (!with_likelihood) {
762  return expr;
763  }
764  return with_likelihood->get_arg();
765 }

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