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Fragmenter_Namespace::anonymous_namespace{InsertOrderFragmenter.cpp} Namespace Reference


int compute_device_for_fragment (const int table_id, const int fragment_id, const int num_devices)

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◆ compute_device_for_fragment()

int Fragmenter_Namespace::anonymous_namespace{InsertOrderFragmenter.cpp}::compute_device_for_fragment ( const int  table_id,
const int  fragment_id,
const int  num_devices 

Offset the fragment ID by the table ID, meaning single fragment tables end up balanced across multiple GPUs instead of all falling to GPU 0.

Definition at line 100 of file InsertOrderFragmenter.cpp.

References g_use_table_device_offset.

Referenced by Fragmenter_Namespace::InsertOrderFragmenter::createNewFragment(), and Fragmenter_Namespace::InsertOrderFragmenter::getChunkMetadata().

102  {
104  return (table_id + fragment_id) % num_devices;
105  } else {
106  return fragment_id % num_devices;
107  }
108 }
bool g_use_table_device_offset
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