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logger::DurationTree Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 depth_ (start_depth)
 start_ (Clock::now())
 thread_id_ (thread_id)
void pushDurationTree (DurationTree &duration_tree)
const DurationrootDuration () const
int currentDepth () const
void decrementDepth ()
DurationTreeNodes const & durations () const
template<typename... Ts>
DurationnewDuration (Ts &&...args)

Public Attributes

int const depth_
Clock::time_point const start_
ThreadId const thread_id_
 __pad0__: current_depth_(start_depth + bool(start_depth))

Private Attributes

DurationTreeNodes durations_
int current_depth_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 468 of file Logger.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

int logger::DurationTree::currentDepth ( ) const

Definition at line 489 of file Logger.cpp.

References current_depth_.

489 { return current_depth_; }
void logger::DurationTree::decrementDepth ( )

Definition at line 490 of file Logger.cpp.

References current_depth_.

Referenced by logger::Duration::stop().

490 { --current_depth_; }

+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

logger::DurationTree::depth_ ( start_depth  )
DurationTreeNodes const& logger::DurationTree::durations ( ) const

Definition at line 491 of file Logger.cpp.

References durations_.

Referenced by logger::JsonEncoder::operator()(), logger::EraseDurationTrees::operator()(), and logger::operator<<().

491 { return durations_; }
DurationTreeNodes durations_
Definition: Logger.cpp:469

+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

template<typename... Ts>
Duration* logger::DurationTree::newDuration ( Ts &&...  args)

Definition at line 493 of file Logger.cpp.

References run_benchmark_import::args, current_depth_, and durations_.

493  {
494  durations_.emplace_back(Duration(this, current_depth_++, std::forward<Ts>(args)...));
495  return boost::get<Duration>(&durations_.back());
496  }
DurationTreeNodes durations_
Definition: Logger.cpp:469
void logger::DurationTree::pushDurationTree ( DurationTree duration_tree)

Definition at line 482 of file Logger.cpp.

References durations_.

482  {
483  durations_.emplace_back(duration_tree);
484  }
DurationTreeNodes durations_
Definition: Logger.cpp:469
const Duration& logger::DurationTree::rootDuration ( ) const

Definition at line 485 of file Logger.cpp.

References CHECK, and durations_.

485  {
486  CHECK(!durations_.empty());
487  return boost::get<Duration>(durations_.front());
488  }
DurationTreeNodes durations_
Definition: Logger.cpp:469
#define CHECK(condition)
Definition: Logger.h:197
logger::DurationTree::start_ ( Clock::  now())
logger::DurationTree::thread_id_ ( thread_id  )

Definition at line 481 of file Logger.cpp.

481 {}

Member Data Documentation


Definition at line 479 of file Logger.cpp.

int logger::DurationTree::current_depth_

Definition at line 470 of file Logger.cpp.

Referenced by currentDepth(), decrementDepth(), and newDuration().

int const logger::DurationTree::depth_
DurationTreeNodes logger::DurationTree::durations_

Definition at line 469 of file Logger.cpp.

Referenced by durations(), newDuration(), pushDurationTree(), and rootDuration().

Clock::time_point const logger::DurationTree::start_

Definition at line 474 of file Logger.cpp.

Referenced by logger::Duration::relative_start_time().

ThreadId const logger::DurationTree::thread_id_

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