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lockmgr::TableDataLockContainer< ReadLock > Class Template Reference

#include <LockMgr.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static auto acquire (const int db_id, const TableDescriptor *td)

Private Member Functions

 TableDataLockContainer (const TableDescriptor *obj, ReadLock &&lock)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from lockmgr::LockContainerImpl< const TableDescriptor *, ReadLock >
const TableDescriptoroperator() () const final
- Public Member Functions inherited from lockmgr::AbstractLockContainer< const TableDescriptor * >
virtual ~AbstractLockContainer ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lockmgr::LockContainerImpl< const TableDescriptor *, ReadLock >
 LockContainerImpl (const TableDescriptor * obj, ReadLock &&lock)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lockmgr::TableLockContainerImpl
 TableLockContainerImpl (const std::string &table_name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from lockmgr::LockContainerImpl< const TableDescriptor *, ReadLock >
const TableDescriptorobj_
ReadLock lock_
- Protected Attributes inherited from lockmgr::TableLockContainerImpl
std::string table_name_

Detailed Description

class lockmgr::TableDataLockContainer< ReadLock >

Definition at line 200 of file LockMgr.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TableDataLockContainer()

Definition at line 213 of file LockMgr.h.

214  : LockContainerImpl<const TableDescriptor*, ReadLock>(obj, std::move(lock))
std::string tableName
TableLockContainerImpl(const std::string &table_name)
Definition: LockMgr.h:89

Member Function Documentation

◆ acquire()

static auto lockmgr::TableDataLockContainer< ReadLock >::acquire ( const int  db_id,
const TableDescriptor td 

Definition at line 204 of file LockMgr.h.

References CHECK, lockmgr::TableLockMgrImpl< TableDataLockMgr >::getReadLockForTable(), TableDescriptor::tableId, TableDescriptor::tableName, and VLOG.

204  {
205  CHECK(td);
206  ChunkKey chunk_key{db_id, td->tableId};
207  VLOG(1) << "Acquiring Table Data Read Lock for table: " << td->tableName;
208  return TableDataLockContainer<ReadLock>(
210  }
static ReadLock getReadLockForTable(const Catalog_Namespace::Catalog &cat, const std::string &table_name)
Definition: LockMgrImpl.h:164
std::string tableName
#define CHECK(condition)
Definition: Logger.h:197
std::vector< int > ChunkKey
Definition: types.h:35
#define VLOG(n)
Definition: Logger.h:291
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