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com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer Class Reference
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class  Builder

Public Member Functions

 SqlCreateServer (final SqlParserPos pos, final boolean ifNotExists, final String serverName, final String dataWrapper, final Map< String, String > options)
List< SqlNode > getOperandList ()
String toString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.JsonSerializableDdl
default String toJsonString ()

Private Attributes

boolean ifNotExists
String serverName
String dataWrapper
String command
Map< String, String > options

Static Private Attributes

static final SqlOperator OPERATOR

Detailed Description

Class that encapsulates all information associated with a CREATE SERVER DDL command.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.SqlCreateServer ( final SqlParserPos  pos,
final boolean  ifNotExists,
final String  serverName,
final String  dataWrapper,
final Map< String, String >  options 

Definition at line 78 of file

References com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.dataWrapper, com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.ifNotExists, com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.OPERATOR, com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.options, and com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.serverName.

Referenced by

82  {
83  super(OPERATOR, pos, false, ifNotExists);
84  this.ifNotExists = ifNotExists;
85  this.serverName = serverName;
86  this.command = OPERATOR.getName();
87  this.dataWrapper = dataWrapper;
88  this.options = options;
89  }

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Member Function Documentation

List<SqlNode> com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.getOperandList ( )

Definition at line 92 of file

92  {
93  return null;
94  }
String com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.toString ( )

Definition at line 97 of file

References com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.JsonSerializableDdl.toJsonString().

97  {
98  return toJsonString();
99  }

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Member Data Documentation

String com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.command

Definition at line 74 of file

String com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.dataWrapper
boolean com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.ifNotExists
final SqlOperator com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.OPERATOR
Initial value:
new SqlSpecialOperator("CREATE_SERVER", SqlKind.OTHER_DDL)

Definition at line 20 of file

Referenced by com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.SqlCreateServer().

Map<String, String> com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.options
String com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCreateServer.serverName

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