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Parser::DDLStmt Class Referenceabstract

#include <ParserNode.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void execute (const Catalog_Namespace::SessionInfo &session)=0
void setColumnDescriptor (ColumnDescriptor &cd, const ColumnDef *coldef)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Parser::Node
virtual ~Node ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 728 of file ParserNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Parser::DDLStmt::setColumnDescriptor ( ColumnDescriptor cd,
const ColumnDef coldef 

Definition at line 3265 of file ParserNode.cpp.

References Parser::ColumnDef::get_column_constraint(), Parser::ColumnDef::get_column_name(), Parser::ColumnDef::get_column_type(), Parser::ColumnDef::get_compression(), Parser::ColumnConstraintDef::get_notnull(), and ddl_utils::set_column_descriptor().

3265  {
3266  bool not_null;
3267  const ColumnConstraintDef* cc = coldef->get_column_constraint();
3268  if (cc == nullptr) {
3269  not_null = false;
3270  } else {
3271  not_null = cc->get_notnull();
3272  }
3273  ddl_utils::set_column_descriptor(*coldef->get_column_name(),
3274  cd,
3275  coldef->get_column_type(),
3276  not_null,
3277  coldef->get_compression());
3278 }
void set_column_descriptor(const std::string &column_name, ColumnDescriptor &cd, SqlType *column_type, const bool not_null, const Encoding *encoding)
Definition: DdlUtils.cpp:492

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