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ResultSetSortImpl.h File Reference
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struct  PodOrderEntry
struct  GroupByBufferLayoutInfo




template<class K >
std::vector< uint32_t > baseline_sort (const ExecutorDeviceType device_type, const int device_id, Data_Namespace::DataMgr *data_mgr, const int8_t *groupby_buffer, const PodOrderEntry &oe, const GroupByBufferLayoutInfo &layout, const size_t top_n, const size_t start, const size_t step)

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template<class K >
std::vector<uint32_t> baseline_sort ( const ExecutorDeviceType  device_type,
const int  device_id,
Data_Namespace::DataMgr data_mgr,
const int8_t *  groupby_buffer,
const PodOrderEntry oe,
const GroupByBufferLayoutInfo layout,
const size_t  top_n,
const size_t  start,
const size_t  step