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ResultSetIteration.cpp File Reference

Iteration part of the row set interface. More...

#include "../Shared/geo_types.h"
#include "../Shared/likely.h"
#include "Execute.h"
#include "ParserNode.h"
#include "QueryEngine/TargetValue.h"
#include "ResultSet.h"
#include "ResultSetGeoSerialization.h"
#include "RuntimeFunctions.h"
#include "Shared/SqlTypesLayout.h"
#include "Shared/sqltypes.h"
#include "TypePunning.h"
#include <memory>
#include <utility>
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struct  anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::GeoLazyFetchHandler
struct  anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::GeoQueryOutputFetchHandler
struct  anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::GeoTargetValueBuilder< GEO_SOURCE_TYPE, GeoTargetFetcher >




#define DEF_GET_ENTRY_AT(query_type, columnar_output)
#define DATA_T   int64_t
#define DATA_T   int32_t
#define DATA_T   int16_t
#define DATA_T   int8_t
#define DATA_T   float
#define DATA_T   double


TargetValue anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::make_avg_target_value (const int8_t *ptr1, const int8_t compact_sz1, const int8_t *ptr2, const int8_t compact_sz2, const TargetInfo &target_info)
const int8_t * anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::advance_col_buff_to_slot (const int8_t *buff, const QueryMemoryDescriptor &query_mem_desc, const std::vector< TargetInfo > &targets, const size_t slot_idx, const bool separate_varlen_storage)
size_t get_byteoff_of_slot (const size_t slot_idx, const QueryMemoryDescriptor &query_mem_desc)
const int8_t * anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::columnar_elem_ptr (const size_t entry_idx, const int8_t *col1_ptr, const int8_t compact_sz1)
int64_t anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::int_resize_cast (const int64_t ival, const size_t sz)
int64_t lazy_decode (const ColumnLazyFetchInfo &col_lazy_fetch, const int8_t *byte_stream, const int64_t pos)
template<class T >
ScalarTargetValue anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::make_scalar_tv (const T val)
ScalarTargetValue anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::make_scalar_tv (const float val)
ScalarTargetValue anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::make_scalar_tv (const double val)
template<class T >
TargetValue anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::build_array_target_value (const int8_t *buff, const size_t buff_sz, std::shared_ptr< RowSetMemoryOwner > row_set_mem_owner)
TargetValue anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::build_string_array_target_value (const int32_t *buff, const size_t buff_sz, const int dict_id, const bool translate_strings, std::shared_ptr< RowSetMemoryOwner > row_set_mem_owner, const Executor *executor)
TargetValue anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::build_array_target_value (const SQLTypeInfo &array_ti, const int8_t *buff, const size_t buff_sz, const bool translate_strings, std::shared_ptr< RowSetMemoryOwner > row_set_mem_owner, const Executor *executor)
template<class Tuple , size_t... indices>
std::vector< std::pair< const
int8_t *, const int64_t > > 
anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::make_vals_vector (std::index_sequence< indices...>, const Tuple &tuple)
std::unique_ptr< ArrayDatumanonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::lazy_fetch_chunk (const int8_t *ptr, const int64_t varlen_ptr)
std::unique_ptr< ArrayDatumanonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::fetch_data_from_gpu (int64_t varlen_ptr, const int64_t length, Data_Namespace::DataMgr *data_mgr, const int device_id)
template<typename T >
std::pair< int64_t, int64_t > anonymous_namespace{ResultSetIteration.cpp}::get_frag_id_and_local_idx (const std::vector< std::vector< T >> &frag_offsets, const size_t tab_or_col_idx, const int64_t global_idx)

Detailed Description

Iteration part of the row set interface.

Alex Suhan Copyright (c) 2014 MapD Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Definition in file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DATA_T   int64_t

Definition at line 1223 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

#define DATA_T   int32_t

Definition at line 1223 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

#define DATA_T   int16_t

Definition at line 1223 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

#define DATA_T   int8_t

Definition at line 1223 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

#define DATA_T   float

Definition at line 1223 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

#define DATA_T   double

Definition at line 1223 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

#define DEF_GET_ENTRY_AT (   query_type,
template DATA_T ResultSet::getEntryAt<DATA_T, query_type, columnar_output>( \
const size_t row_idx, const size_t target_idx, const size_t slot_idx) const;
#define DATA_T

Definition at line 1184 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

Function Documentation

size_t get_byteoff_of_slot ( const size_t  slot_idx,
const QueryMemoryDescriptor query_mem_desc 

Definition at line 110 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

References QueryMemoryDescriptor::getPaddedColWidthForRange().

Referenced by ResultSetReductionJIT::isEmpty(), and ResultSetStorage::isEmptyEntry().

111  {
112  return query_mem_desc.getPaddedColWidthForRange(0, slot_idx);
113 }
size_t getPaddedColWidthForRange(const size_t offset, const size_t range) const

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

int64_t lazy_decode ( const ColumnLazyFetchInfo col_lazy_fetch,
const int8_t *  byte_stream,
const int64_t  pos 

Definition at line 762 of file ResultSetIteration.cpp.

References CHECK(), CHECK_EQ, fixed_width_double_decode_noinline(), fixed_width_float_decode_noinline(), fixed_width_int_decode_noinline(), fixed_width_small_date_decode_noinline(), fixed_width_unsigned_decode_noinline(), get_bit_width(), inline_fixed_encoding_null_val(), inline_int_null_val(), ColumnLazyFetchInfo::is_lazily_fetched, kENCODING_DATE_IN_DAYS, kENCODING_DICT, kENCODING_FIXED, kENCODING_NONE, kFLOAT, NULL_BIGINT, NULL_INT, NULL_SMALLINT, and ColumnLazyFetchInfo::type.

Referenced by ResultSet::lazyReadInt(), and ResultSet::makeTargetValue().

764  {
765  CHECK(col_lazy_fetch.is_lazily_fetched);
766  const auto& type_info = col_lazy_fetch.type;
767  if (type_info.is_fp()) {
768  if (type_info.get_type() == kFLOAT) {
769  double fval = fixed_width_float_decode_noinline(byte_stream, pos);
770  return *reinterpret_cast<const int64_t*>(may_alias_ptr(&fval));
771  } else {
772  double fval = fixed_width_double_decode_noinline(byte_stream, pos);
773  return *reinterpret_cast<const int64_t*>(may_alias_ptr(&fval));
774  }
775  }
776  CHECK(type_info.is_integer() || type_info.is_decimal() || type_info.is_time() ||
777  type_info.is_timeinterval() || type_info.is_boolean() || type_info.is_string() ||
778  type_info.is_array());
779  size_t type_bitwidth = get_bit_width(type_info);
780  if (type_info.get_compression() == kENCODING_FIXED) {
781  type_bitwidth = type_info.get_comp_param();
782  } else if (type_info.get_compression() == kENCODING_DICT) {
783  type_bitwidth = 8 * type_info.get_size();
784  }
785  CHECK_EQ(size_t(0), type_bitwidth % 8);
786  int64_t val;
787  if (type_info.is_date_in_days()) {
788  val = type_info.get_comp_param() == 16
790  byte_stream, 2, NULL_SMALLINT, NULL_BIGINT, pos)
792  byte_stream, 4, NULL_INT, NULL_BIGINT, pos);
793  } else {
794  val = (type_info.get_compression() == kENCODING_DICT &&
795  type_info.get_size() < type_info.get_logical_size() &&
796  type_info.get_comp_param())
797  ? fixed_width_unsigned_decode_noinline(byte_stream, type_bitwidth / 8, pos)
798  : fixed_width_int_decode_noinline(byte_stream, type_bitwidth / 8, pos);
799  }
800  if (type_info.get_compression() != kENCODING_NONE &&
801  type_info.get_compression() != kENCODING_DATE_IN_DAYS) {
802  CHECK(type_info.get_compression() == kENCODING_FIXED ||
803  type_info.get_compression() == kENCODING_DICT);
804  auto encoding = type_info.get_compression();
805  if (encoding == kENCODING_FIXED) {
806  encoding = kENCODING_NONE;
807  }
808  SQLTypeInfo col_logical_ti(type_info.get_type(),
809  type_info.get_dimension(),
810  type_info.get_scale(),
811  false,
812  encoding,
813  0,
814  type_info.get_subtype());
815  if (val == inline_fixed_encoding_null_val(type_info)) {
816  return inline_int_null_val(col_logical_ti);
817  }
818  }
819  return val;
820 }
const SQLTypeInfo type
Definition: ResultSet.h:232
#define CHECK_EQ(x, y)
Definition: Logger.h:201
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE int64_t SUFFIX() fixed_width_int_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int32_t byte_width, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:83
Definition: sqltypes.h:177
size_t get_bit_width(const SQLTypeInfo &ti)
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE int64_t SUFFIX() fixed_width_unsigned_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int32_t byte_width, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:90
#define NULL_INT
Definition: sqltypes.h:176
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE int64_t SUFFIX() fixed_width_small_date_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int32_t byte_width, const int32_t null_val, const int64_t ret_null_val, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:141
const bool is_lazily_fetched
Definition: ResultSet.h:230
Definition: sqltypes.h:175
int64_t inline_int_null_val(const SQL_TYPE_INFO &ti)
int64_t inline_fixed_encoding_null_val(const SQL_TYPE_INFO &ti)
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE float SUFFIX() fixed_width_float_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:113
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE double SUFFIX() fixed_width_double_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:126

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function: