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NvidiaKernel.h File Reference
#include "../CudaMgr/CudaMgr.h"
#include "../Shared/nocuda.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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struct  CubinResult
class  GpuCompilationContext


#define checkCudaErrors(err)   CHECK_EQ(err, CUDA_SUCCESS);


CubinResult ptx_to_cubin (const std::string &ptx, const unsigned block_size, const CudaMgr_Namespace::CudaMgr *cuda_mgr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define checkCudaErrors (   err)    CHECK_EQ(err, CUDA_SUCCESS);

Definition at line 63 of file NvidiaKernel.h.

Function Documentation

CubinResult ptx_to_cubin ( const std::string &  ptx,
const unsigned  block_size,
const CudaMgr_Namespace::CudaMgr cuda_mgr