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HashJoinKeyHandlers.h File Reference
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struct  GenericKeyHandler
struct  OverlapsKeyHandler


DEVICE int64_t get_join_column_element_value (const JoinColumnTypeInfo &type_info, const JoinColumn &join_column, const size_t i)

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◆ get_join_column_element_value()

DEVICE int64_t get_join_column_element_value ( const JoinColumnTypeInfo type_info,
const JoinColumn join_column,
const size_t  i 

Definition at line 36 of file HashJoinKeyHandlers.h.

References CHECK, JoinColumn::col_buff, JoinColumnTypeInfo::column_type, JoinColumnTypeInfo::elem_sz, fixed_width_int_decode_noinline(), fixed_width_small_date_decode_noinline(), fixed_width_unsigned_decode_noinline(), NULL_INT, NULL_SMALLINT, Signed, SmallDate, SUFFIX, and Unsigned.

Referenced by count_matches_impl(), count_matches_sharded(), fill_hash_join_buff_impl(), fill_hash_join_buff_sharded_impl(), fill_row_ids_impl(), fill_row_ids_sharded_impl(), and GenericKeyHandler::operator()().

38  {
39  switch (type_info.column_type) {
40  case SmallDate:
42  join_column.col_buff,
43  type_info.elem_sz,
44  type_info.elem_sz == 4 ? NULL_INT : NULL_SMALLINT,
45  type_info.elem_sz == 4 ? NULL_INT : NULL_SMALLINT,
46  i);
47  case Signed:
49  join_column.col_buff, type_info.elem_sz, i);
50  case Unsigned:
52  join_column.col_buff, type_info.elem_sz, i);
53  default:
54 #ifndef __CUDACC__
55  CHECK(false);
56 #else
57  assert(0);
58 #endif
59  return 0;
60  }
61 }
const ColumnType column_type
const int8_t * col_buff
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE int64_t SUFFIX() fixed_width_int_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int32_t byte_width, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:83
const size_t elem_sz
#define SUFFIX(name)
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE int64_t SUFFIX() fixed_width_unsigned_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int32_t byte_width, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:90
#define NULL_INT
Definition: sqltypes.h:176
DEVICE NEVER_INLINE int64_t SUFFIX() fixed_width_small_date_decode_noinline(const int8_t *byte_stream, const int32_t byte_width, const int32_t null_val, const int64_t ret_null_val, const int64_t pos)
Definition: DecodersImpl.h:141
Definition: sqltypes.h:175
#define CHECK(condition)
Definition: Logger.h:193
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