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CachingFileMgr.h File Reference
#include "FileMgr.h"
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class  File_Namespace::CachingFileMgr
 A FileMgr capable of limiting it's size and storing data from multiple tables in a shared directory. For any table that supports DiskCaching, the CachingFileMgr must contain either metadata for all table chunks, or for none (the cache is either has no knowledge of that table, or has complete knowledge of that table). Any data chunk within a table may or may not be contained within the cache. More...




std::string File_Namespace::get_dir_name_for_table (int db_id, int tb_id)

Detailed Description

This file details an extension of the FileMgr that can contain pages from multiple tables (CachingFileMgr).

Definition in file CachingFileMgr.h.