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ArrowUtil.h File Reference
#include "arrow/status.h"
#include "arrow/util/macros.h"
#include "Shared/likely.h"
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void arrow_status_throw (const ::arrow::Status &s)
void arrow_status_thrift_throw (const ::arrow::Status &s)

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Function Documentation

void arrow_status_thrift_throw ( const ::arrow::Status &  s)
void arrow_status_throw ( const ::arrow::Status &  s)

Definition at line 24 of file ArrowUtil.cpp.

24  {
25  std::string message = s.ToString();
26  switch (s.code()) {
27  case ::arrow::StatusCode::OutOfMemory:
28  throw OutOfMemory(message);
29  default:
30  throw std::runtime_error(message);
31  }
32 }