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ArrowResultSet.cpp File Reference
#include "QueryEngine/ArrowResultSet.h"
#include <arrow/api.h>
#include <arrow/io/memory.h>
#include <arrow/ipc/api.h>
#include "QueryEngine/Descriptors/RelAlgExecutionDescriptor.h"
#include "Shared/ArrowUtil.h"
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SQLTypeInfo anonymous_namespace{ArrowResultSet.cpp}::type_from_arrow_field (const arrow::Field &field)
std::unique_ptr< ArrowResultSetresult_set_arrow_loopback (const ExecutionResult &results)
std::unique_ptr< ArrowResultSetresult_set_arrow_loopback (const ExecutionResult *results, const std::shared_ptr< ResultSet > &rows)

Function Documentation

std::unique_ptr<ArrowResultSet> result_set_arrow_loopback ( const ExecutionResult results)

Definition at line 260 of file ArrowResultSet.cpp.

References ExecutionResult::getRows(), and ExecutionResult::getTargetsMeta().

261  {
262  // NOTE(wesm): About memory ownership
264  // After calling ReadRecordBatch, the buffers inside arrow::RecordBatch now
265  // share ownership of the memory in serialized_arrow_output.records (zero
266  // copy). Not necessary to retain these buffers. Same is true of any
267  // dictionaries contained in serialized_arrow_output.schema; the arrays
268  // reference that memory (zero copy).
269  return std::make_unique<ArrowResultSet>(results.getRows(), results.getTargetsMeta());
270 }
const std::vector< TargetMetaInfo > & getTargetsMeta() const
const std::shared_ptr< ResultSet > & getRows() const

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std::unique_ptr<ArrowResultSet> result_set_arrow_loopback ( const ExecutionResult results,
const std::shared_ptr< ResultSet > &  rows 

Definition at line 272 of file ArrowResultSet.cpp.

References ExecutionResult::getTargetsMeta().

274  {
275  return results ? std::make_unique<ArrowResultSet>(rows, results->getTargetsMeta())
276  : std::make_unique<ArrowResultSet>(rows);
277 }
const std::vector< TargetMetaInfo > & getTargetsMeta() const

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