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TableMetadata Struct Reference

#include <TableMetadata.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TableMetadata (const TableDescriptor *td)

Public Attributes

int32_t table_id
std::string table_name
int32_t owner_id
std::string owner_name
bool is_temp_table
int32_t num_columns
bool is_sharded
int32_t num_shards
int64_t max_rows
int32_t fragment_size
int32_t max_rollback_epochs
int32_t min_epoch
int32_t max_epoch
int32_t min_epoch_floor
int32_t max_epoch_floor
int64_t num_bytes
int64_t num_files
int64_t num_pages

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file TableMetadata.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TableMetadata::TableMetadata ( const TableDescriptor td)

Definition at line 37 of file TableMetadata.h.

38  : table_id(td->tableId)
39  , table_name(td->tableName)
40  , owner_id(td->userId)
42  , num_columns(td->nColumns)
43  , is_sharded(td->nShards > 0)
44  , num_shards(td->nShards)
45  , max_rows(td->maxRows)
int32_t maxRollbackEpochs
int32_t fragment_size
Definition: TableMetadata.h:28
int32_t num_columns
Definition: TableMetadata.h:24
std::string tableName
std::string table_name
Definition: TableMetadata.h:20
int32_t max_rollback_epochs
Definition: TableMetadata.h:29
int64_t max_rows
Definition: TableMetadata.h:27
Data_Namespace::MemoryLevel persistenceLevel
int32_t table_id
Definition: TableMetadata.h:19
int32_t num_shards
Definition: TableMetadata.h:26
int32_t owner_id
Definition: TableMetadata.h:21

Member Data Documentation

int32_t TableMetadata::fragment_size
bool TableMetadata::is_sharded

Definition at line 25 of file TableMetadata.h.

bool TableMetadata::is_temp_table

Definition at line 23 of file TableMetadata.h.

int32_t TableMetadata::max_epoch

Definition at line 31 of file TableMetadata.h.

int32_t TableMetadata::max_epoch_floor

Definition at line 33 of file TableMetadata.h.

int32_t TableMetadata::max_rollback_epochs

Definition at line 29 of file TableMetadata.h.

int32_t TableMetadata::min_epoch

Definition at line 30 of file TableMetadata.h.

int32_t TableMetadata::min_epoch_floor

Definition at line 32 of file TableMetadata.h.

int64_t TableMetadata::num_bytes

Definition at line 34 of file TableMetadata.h.

int32_t TableMetadata::num_columns

Definition at line 24 of file TableMetadata.h.

int64_t TableMetadata::num_files

Definition at line 35 of file TableMetadata.h.

int64_t TableMetadata::num_pages
int32_t TableMetadata::num_shards

Definition at line 26 of file TableMetadata.h.

int32_t TableMetadata::owner_id

Definition at line 21 of file TableMetadata.h.

std::string TableMetadata::owner_name

Definition at line 22 of file TableMetadata.h.

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