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GeoConverterFactory< CONVERTER, Enable > Struct Template Reference

Public Member Functions

< TargetValueConverter
operator() (ConverterCreateParameter param)

Detailed Description

template<typename CONVERTER, class Enable = void>
struct GeoConverterFactory< CONVERTER, Enable >

Definition at line 243 of file TargetValueConvertersFactories.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename CONVERTER , class Enable = void>
std::unique_ptr<TargetValueConverter> GeoConverterFactory< CONVERTER, Enable >::operator() ( ConverterCreateParameter  param)

Definition at line 244 of file TargetValueConvertersFactories.cpp.

References ConverterCreateParameter::cat, ConverterCreateParameter::num_rows, and ConverterCreateParameter::target.

244  {
245  return std::make_unique<CONVERTER>(, param.num_rows,;
246  }
const Catalog_Namespace::Catalog & cat

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