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DataframeTableDescriptor Struct Reference

specifies the content in-memory of a row in the table metadata table More...

#include <DataframeTableDescriptor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DataframeTableDescriptor ()
 DataframeTableDescriptor (const TableDescriptor &td)
 ~DataframeTableDescriptor () override=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from TableDescriptor
 TableDescriptor ()
virtual ~TableDescriptor ()=default
bool isForeignTable () const
bool isTemporaryTable () const
std::vector< int > getTableChunkKey (const int getCurrentDBId) const

Public Attributes

int64_t skipRows
std::string delimiter
bool hasHeader
- Public Attributes inherited from TableDescriptor
int32_t tableId
int32_t shard
std::string tableName
int32_t userId
int32_t nColumns
bool isView
std::string viewSQL
std::string fragments
Fragmenter_Namespace::FragmenterType fragType
int32_t maxFragRows
int64_t maxChunkSize
int32_t fragPageSize
int64_t maxRows
std::string partitions
std::string keyMetainfo
< Fragmenter_Namespace::AbstractFragmenter
int32_t nShards
int shardedColumnId
int sortedColumnId
Data_Namespace::MemoryLevel persistenceLevel
bool hasDeletedCol
std::vector< int > columnIdBySpi_
std::string storageType
int32_t maxRollbackEpochs
bool is_system_table
bool is_in_memory_system_table
std::shared_ptr< std::mutex > mutex_

Detailed Description

specifies the content in-memory of a row in the table metadata table


Definition at line 31 of file DataframeTableDescriptor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DataframeTableDescriptor::DataframeTableDescriptor ( )
DataframeTableDescriptor::DataframeTableDescriptor ( const TableDescriptor td)

Definition at line 39 of file DataframeTableDescriptor.h.

References TableDescriptor::columnIdBySpi_, delimiter, TableDescriptor::fragmenter, TableDescriptor::fragments, TableDescriptor::fragPageSize, TableDescriptor::fragType, TableDescriptor::hasDeletedCol, hasHeader, TableDescriptor::isView, TableDescriptor::keyMetainfo, TableDescriptor::maxChunkSize, TableDescriptor::maxFragRows, TableDescriptor::maxRows, TableDescriptor::mutex_, TableDescriptor::nColumns, TableDescriptor::nShards, TableDescriptor::partitions, TableDescriptor::persistenceLevel, TableDescriptor::shard, TableDescriptor::shardedColumnId, skipRows, TableDescriptor::sortedColumnId, TableDescriptor::storageType, TableDescriptor::tableId, TableDescriptor::tableName, TableDescriptor::userId, and TableDescriptor::viewSQL.

39  {
40  tableId = td.tableId;
41  shard = td.shard;
42  tableName = td.tableName;
43  userId = td.userId;
44  nColumns = td.nColumns;
45  isView = td.isView;
46  viewSQL = td.viewSQL;
47  fragments = td.fragments;
48  fragType = td.fragType;
52  maxRows = td.maxRows;
56  nShards = td.nShards;
63  mutex_ = td.mutex_;
64  skipRows = 0;
65  delimiter = ",";
66  hasHeader = true;
67  }
std::string partitions
std::string tableName
std::string storageType
std::string fragments
std::vector< int > columnIdBySpi_
std::shared_ptr< std::mutex > mutex_
std::string keyMetainfo
std::shared_ptr< Fragmenter_Namespace::AbstractFragmenter > fragmenter
Fragmenter_Namespace::FragmenterType fragType
Data_Namespace::MemoryLevel persistenceLevel
std::string viewSQL
DataframeTableDescriptor::~DataframeTableDescriptor ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool DataframeTableDescriptor::hasHeader
int64_t DataframeTableDescriptor::skipRows

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