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Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata Struct Reference

#include <SysCatalog.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UserMetadata (int32_t u, const std::string &n, const std::string &p, bool s, int32_t d, bool l)
 UserMetadata ()
 UserMetadata (UserMetadata const &user_meta)
std::string userLoggable () const
void setRestriction (Restriction in_restriction)

Public Attributes

int32_t userId
std::string userName
std::string passwd_hash
std::atomic< bool > isSuper {false}
int32_t defaultDbId
bool can_login {true}
Restriction restriction

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file SysCatalog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::UserMetadata ( int32_t  u,
const std::string &  n,
const std::string &  p,
bool  s,
int32_t  d,
bool  l 

Definition at line 76 of file SysCatalog.h.

82  : userId(u)
83  , userName(n)
84  , passwd_hash(p)
85  , isSuper(s)
86  , defaultDbId(d)
87  , can_login(l) {}
tuple d
std::atomic< bool > isSuper
Definition: SysCatalog.h:99
Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::UserMetadata ( )

Definition at line 88 of file SysCatalog.h.

88 {}
Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::UserMetadata ( UserMetadata const user_meta)

Definition at line 89 of file SysCatalog.h.

90  : UserMetadata(user_meta.userId,
91  user_meta.userName,
92  user_meta.passwd_hash,
93  user_meta.isSuper.load(),
94  user_meta.defaultDbId,
95  user_meta.can_login) {}

Member Function Documentation

void Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::setRestriction ( Restriction  in_restriction)

Definition at line 107 of file SysCatalog.h.

References restriction.

107 { restriction = in_restriction; }
std::string Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::userLoggable ( ) const

Definition at line 124 of file SysCatalog.cpp.

References Catalog_Namespace::g_log_user_id, and to_string().

Referenced by checkPermissionForTables(), Catalog_Namespace::SysCatalog::checkPrivileges(), DBHandler::connect(), DBHandler::create_new_session(), Catalog_Namespace::SysCatalog::createDBObject(), Catalog_Namespace::SysCatalog::createUser(), Parser::TruncateTableStmt::execute(), Parser::CopyTableStmt::execute(), Catalog_Namespace::SysCatalog::hasAnyPrivileges(), DBHandler::internal_connect(), query_state::operator<<(), Catalog_Namespace::parseUserMetadataFromSQLite(), DBHandler::set_execution_mode_nolock(), and Catalog_Namespace::SysCatalog::switchDatabase().

124  {
126 }
std::string to_string(char const *&&v)

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Member Data Documentation

bool Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::can_login {true}
int32_t Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::defaultDbId
std::string Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::passwd_hash
Restriction Catalog_Namespace::UserMetadata::restriction

Definition at line 102 of file SysCatalog.h.

Referenced by DBHandler::connect(), and setRestriction().

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