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nvtx_helpers.h File Reference
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using nvtxDomainHandle_t = void *
using nvtxRangeId_t = uint64_t


enum  nvtx_helpers::Category { nvtx_helpers::Category::kNone, nvtx_helpers::Category::kDebugTimer, nvtx_helpers::Category::kQueryStateTimer, nvtx_helpers::Category::kRenderLogger }


void nvtx_helpers::init ()
void nvtx_helpers::shutdown ()
void nvtx_helpers::omnisci_range_push (Category c, const char *name, const char *file)
void nvtx_helpers::omnisci_range_pop ()
nvtxRangeId_t nvtx_helpers::omnisci_range_start (Category c, const char *name)
void nvtx_helpers::omnisci_range_end (nvtxRangeId_t r)
void nvtx_helpers::omnisci_set_mark (Category c, const char *name)
void nvtx_helpers::name_current_thread (const char *name)
void nvtx_helpers::name_category (uint32_t category, const char *name)
void nvtx_helpers::name_domain_category (nvtxDomainHandle_t domain, uint32_t category, const char *name)
void nvtx_helpers::set_mark (const char *)
void nvtx_helpers::range_push (const char *)
void nvtx_helpers::range_pop ()
nvtxRangeId_t nvtx_helpers::range_start (const char *)
nvtxRangeId_t nvtx_helpers::range_start (const char *, uint32_t, uint32_t)
void nvtx_helpers::range_end (nvtxRangeId_t)
nvtxDomainHandle_t nvtx_helpers::create_domain (const char *)
void nvtx_helpers::destroy_domain (nvtxDomainHandle_t)
void nvtx_helpers::set_domain_mark (nvtxDomainHandle_t, const char *, uint32_t)
void nvtx_helpers::domain_range_push (nvtxDomainHandle_t, const char *, uint32_t, uint32_t)
void nvtx_helpers::domain_range_pop (nvtxDomainHandle_t)

Typedef Documentation

using nvtxDomainHandle_t = void*

Definition at line 25 of file nvtx_helpers.h.

using nvtxRangeId_t = uint64_t

Definition at line 26 of file nvtx_helpers.h.