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math_consts Namespace Reference


constexpr double m_pi {3.14159265358979323846}
constexpr double rad_div_deg {m_pi / 180}
constexpr double deg_div_rad {180 / m_pi}
constexpr double radians_to_degrees {deg_div_rad}

Variable Documentation

constexpr double math_consts::deg_div_rad {180 / m_pi}
constexpr double math_consts::m_pi {3.14159265358979323846}

Definition at line 19 of file math_consts.h.

Referenced by transform_4326_900913_y(), and transform_900913_4326_y().

constexpr double math_consts::rad_div_deg {m_pi / 180}
constexpr double math_consts::radians_to_degrees {deg_div_rad}

Definition at line 22 of file math_consts.h.