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anonymous_namespace{ScalarCodeGenerator.cpp} Namespace Reference


class  UsedColumnExpressions


llvm::Typellvm_type_from_sql (const SQLTypeInfo &ti, llvm::LLVMContext &ctx)


std::vector< InputTableInfog_table_infos

Function Documentation

llvm::Type* anonymous_namespace{ScalarCodeGenerator.cpp}::llvm_type_from_sql ( const SQLTypeInfo ti,
llvm::LLVMContext &  ctx 

Definition at line 48 of file ScalarCodeGenerator.cpp.

References logger::FATAL, get_int_type(), SQLTypeInfo::get_type(), kINT, and LOG.

Referenced by ScalarCodeGenerator::compile().

48  {
49  switch (ti.get_type()) {
50  case kINT: {
51  return get_int_type(32, ctx);
52  }
53  default: {
54  LOG(FATAL) << "Unsupported type";
55  return nullptr; // satisfy -Wreturn-type
56  }
57  }
58 }
#define LOG(tag)
Definition: Logger.h:285
HOST DEVICE SQLTypes get_type() const
Definition: sqltypes.h:391
llvm::Type * get_int_type(const int width, llvm::LLVMContext &context)
Definition: sqltypes.h:72

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Variable Documentation

std::vector<InputTableInfo> anonymous_namespace{ScalarCodeGenerator.cpp}::g_table_infos

Definition at line 46 of file ScalarCodeGenerator.cpp.

Referenced by ScalarCodeGenerator::compile().