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anonymous_namespace{HashJoinRuntime.cpp} Namespace Reference


int64_t map_str_id_to_outer_dict (const int64_t inner_elem, const int64_t min_inner_elem, const int64_t min_outer_elem, const int64_t max_outer_elem, const int32_t *inner_to_outer_translation_map)

Function Documentation

int64_t anonymous_namespace{HashJoinRuntime.cpp}::map_str_id_to_outer_dict ( const int64_t  inner_elem,
const int64_t  min_inner_elem,
const int64_t  min_outer_elem,
const int64_t  max_outer_elem,
const int32_t *  inner_to_outer_translation_map 

Definition at line 56 of file HashJoinRuntime.cpp.

References StringDictionary::INVALID_STR_ID.

Referenced by count_matches_impl(), count_matches_sharded(), fill_hash_join_buff_impl(), fill_hash_join_buff_sharded_impl(), fill_row_ids_for_window_framing_impl(), fill_row_ids_impl(), and fill_row_ids_sharded_impl().

60  {
61  const auto outer_id = inner_to_outer_translation_map[inner_elem - min_inner_elem];
62  if (outer_id > max_outer_elem || outer_id < min_outer_elem) {
64  }
65  return outer_id;
66 }
static constexpr int32_t INVALID_STR_ID

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