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misc.h File Reference
#include <cstdint>
#include <deque>
#include <iterator>
#include <list>
#include <set>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <vector>
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struct  shared::PrintContainer< CONTAINER >
struct  shared::is_std_container< CONTAINER >
struct  shared::is_std_container< std::deque< T, A > >
struct  shared::is_std_container< std::list< T, A > >
struct  shared::is_std_container< std::set< T, A > >
struct  shared::is_std_container< std::unordered_set< T, A > >
struct  shared::is_std_container< std::vector< T, A > >
struct  shared::DivUMod




template<typename T >
constexpr T anonymous_namespace{misc.h}::power (T const a, T const n)
template<typename T , size_t... Indices>
constexpr std::array< T,
anonymous_namespace{misc.h}::powersOfImpl (T const a, std::index_sequence< Indices...>)
template<typename T >
size_t shared::appendMove (std::vector< T > &destination, std::vector< T > &source)
template<typename... Ts, typename T >
bool shared::dynamic_castable_to_any (T const *ptr)
template<typename CONTAINER >
PrintContainer< CONTAINER > shared::printContainer (CONTAINER &container)
template<typename OSTREAM , typename CONTAINER >
OSTREAM & shared::operator<< (OSTREAM &os, PrintContainer< CONTAINER > pc)
size_t shared::formatDate (char *buf, size_t const max, int64_t const unixtime)
size_t shared::formatDateTime (char *buf, size_t const max, int64_t const timestamp, int const dimension)
size_t shared::formatHMS (char *buf, size_t const max, int64_t const unixtime)
DivUMod shared::divUMod (int64_t num, int64_t den)
uint64_t shared::unsignedMod (int64_t num, int64_t den)
template<typename T , typename U >
bool shared::contains (const T &container, const U &element)
template<typename T , size_t N>
constexpr std::array< T, N > shared::powersOf (T const a)
template<typename TO , typename FROM >
TO shared::reinterpretBits (FROM const from)