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EXTENSION_INLINE double H3_EXPORT() radsToDegs (double radians)
 converts radians to degrees More...

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Functions for radsToDegs

Function Documentation

EXTENSION_INLINE double H3_EXPORT() radsToDegs ( double  radians)

converts radians to degrees

Convert from radians to decimal degrees.

radiansThe radians.
The corresponding decimal degrees.

Definition at line 111 of file geoCoord.hpp.

References M_180_PI, and radians().

Referenced by h3ToGeoPacked(), h3ToLat(), and h3ToLon().

111  {
112  return radians * M_180_PI;
113 }
EXTENSION_NOINLINE double radians(const double x)
#define M_180_PI
Definition: constants.h:39

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