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query_state::StdLogData Class Reference

#include <QueryState.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for query_state::StdLogData:

Protected Member Functions

template<typename... Pairs>
 StdLogData (char const *file, unsigned line, char const *func, Pairs &&...pairs)

Protected Attributes

std::string const file_
unsigned const line_
char const *const func_
Clock::time_point const start_
int64_t const match_
std::list< std::string > name_value_pairs_

Static Protected Attributes

static std::atomic< int64_t > s_match {0}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 234 of file QueryState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename... Pairs>
query_state::StdLogData::StdLogData ( char const file,
unsigned  line,
char const func,
Pairs &&...  pairs 

Definition at line 244 of file QueryState.h.

References to_string().

245  : file_(boost::filesystem::path(file).filename().string())
246  , line_(line)
247  , func_(func)
248  , start_(Clock::now())
249  , match_(s_match++)
250  , name_value_pairs_{to_string(std::forward<Pairs>(pairs))...} {
251  static_assert(sizeof...(Pairs) % 2 == 0,
252  "StdLogData() requires an even number of name/value parameters.");
253  }
unsigned const line_
Definition: QueryState.h:238
std::string filename(char const *path)
Definition: Logger.cpp:62
std::string const file_
Definition: QueryState.h:237
std::string to_string(char const *&&v)
std::list< std::string > name_value_pairs_
Definition: QueryState.h:242
static std::atomic< int64_t > s_match
Definition: QueryState.h:236
int64_t const match_
Definition: QueryState.h:241
Clock::time_point const start_
Definition: QueryState.h:240
char const *const func_
Definition: QueryState.h:239

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Member Data Documentation

std::string const query_state::StdLogData::file_

Definition at line 237 of file QueryState.h.

Referenced by query_state::StdLog::log(), and query_state::StdLog::logCallStack().

char const* const query_state::StdLogData::func_

Definition at line 239 of file QueryState.h.

Referenced by query_state::StdLog::logCallStack().

unsigned const query_state::StdLogData::line_

Definition at line 238 of file QueryState.h.

Referenced by query_state::StdLog::log(), and query_state::StdLog::logCallStack().

int64_t const query_state::StdLogData::match_

Definition at line 241 of file QueryState.h.

Referenced by query_state::StdLog::logCallStack().

std::list<std::string> query_state::StdLogData::name_value_pairs_
std::atomic< int64_t > query_state::StdLogData::s_match {0}

Definition at line 236 of file QueryState.h.

Clock::time_point const query_state::StdLogData::start_

Definition at line 240 of file QueryState.h.

Referenced by query_state::StdLog::duration().

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