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logger::LogOptions Class Reference

#include <Logger.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LogOptions (char const *argv0)
 ~LogOptions ()
boost::filesystem::path full_log_dir () const
const & 
get_options () const
void parse_command_line (int, char const *const *)
void set_base_path (std::string const &base_path)
void set_options ()

Public Attributes

< boost::filesystem::path > 
std::string file_name_pattern_ {".{SEVERITY}.%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.log"}
std::string symlink_ {".{SEVERITY}"}
Severity severity_ {Severity::INFO}
Severity severity_clog_ {Severity::ERROR}
Channels channels_
bool auto_flush_ {true}
size_t max_files_ {100}
size_t min_free_space_ {20 << 20}
bool rotate_daily_ {true}
size_t rotation_size_ {10 << 20}

Private Attributes

std::string base_path_ {"."}
< boost::program_options::options_description > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 133 of file Logger.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

logger::LogOptions::LogOptions ( char const *  argv0)
logger::LogOptions::~LogOptions ( )

Member Function Documentation

boost::filesystem::path logger::LogOptions::full_log_dir ( ) const

Referenced by logger::init().

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boost::program_options::options_description const& logger::LogOptions::get_options ( ) const

Referenced by main().

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void logger::LogOptions::parse_command_line ( int  ,
char const *const *   
void logger::LogOptions::set_base_path ( std::string const &  base_path)

Referenced by main().

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void logger::LogOptions::set_options ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool logger::LogOptions::auto_flush_ {true}

Definition at line 148 of file Logger.h.

std::string logger::LogOptions::base_path_ {"."}

Definition at line 134 of file Logger.h.

Channels logger::LogOptions::channels_

Definition at line 147 of file Logger.h.

Referenced by logger::init().

std::string logger::LogOptions::file_name_pattern_ {".{SEVERITY}.%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.log"}

Definition at line 143 of file Logger.h.

std::unique_ptr<boost::filesystem::path> logger::LogOptions::log_dir_

Definition at line 141 of file Logger.h.

size_t logger::LogOptions::max_files_ {100}

Definition at line 149 of file Logger.h.

Referenced by logger::init(), and main().

size_t logger::LogOptions::min_free_space_ {20 << 20}

Definition at line 150 of file Logger.h.

std::unique_ptr<boost::program_options::options_description> logger::LogOptions::options_

Definition at line 137 of file Logger.h.

bool logger::LogOptions::rotate_daily_ {true}

Definition at line 151 of file Logger.h.

size_t logger::LogOptions::rotation_size_ {10 << 20}

Definition at line 152 of file Logger.h.

Severity logger::LogOptions::severity_ {Severity::INFO}

Definition at line 145 of file Logger.h.

Referenced by logger::init().

Severity logger::LogOptions::severity_clog_ {Severity::ERROR}

Definition at line 146 of file Logger.h.

Referenced by logger::init(), and logger::make_sink().

std::string logger::LogOptions::symlink_ {".{SEVERITY}"}

Definition at line 144 of file Logger.h.

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