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foreign_storage::ParquetInPlaceEncoder Class Reference

#include <ParquetInPlaceEncoder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ParquetInPlaceEncoder (Data_Namespace::AbstractBuffer *buffer, const size_t omnisci_data_type_byte_size, const size_t parquet_data_type_byte_size)
void appendData (const int16_t *def_levels, const int16_t *rep_levels, const int64_t values_read, const int64_t levels_read, const bool is_last_batch, int8_t *values) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from foreign_storage::ParquetScalarEncoder
 ParquetScalarEncoder (Data_Namespace::AbstractBuffer *buffer)
virtual void setNull (int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes)=0
virtual void copy (const int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes_source, int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes_destination)=0
virtual void encodeAndCopy (const int8_t *parquet_data_bytes, int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes)=0
virtual void encodeAndCopyContiguous (const int8_t *parquet_data_bytes, int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes, const size_t num_elements)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from foreign_storage::ParquetEncoder
 ParquetEncoder (Data_Namespace::AbstractBuffer *buffer)
virtual ~ParquetEncoder ()=default
virtual std::shared_ptr
< ChunkMetadata
getRowGroupMetadata (const parquet::RowGroupMetaData *group_metadata, const int parquet_column_index, const SQLTypeInfo &column_type)

Protected Attributes

const size_t omnisci_data_type_byte_size_
- Protected Attributes inherited from foreign_storage::ParquetEncoder

Private Member Functions

void decodeNullsAndEncodeData (int8_t *data_ptr, const int16_t *def_levels, const int64_t values_read, const int64_t levels_read, const bool do_encoding)

Private Attributes

const size_t parquet_data_type_byte_size_

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from foreign_storage::ParquetEncoder
static std::shared_ptr
< ChunkMetadata
createMetadata (const SQLTypeInfo &column_type)
static void throwNotNullViolation (const std::string &parquet_column_name)
static void validateNullCount (const std::string &parquet_column_name, int64_t null_count, const SQLTypeInfo &column_type)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file ParquetInPlaceEncoder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

foreign_storage::ParquetInPlaceEncoder::ParquetInPlaceEncoder ( Data_Namespace::AbstractBuffer buffer,
const size_t  omnisci_data_type_byte_size,
const size_t  parquet_data_type_byte_size 

Definition at line 33 of file ParquetInPlaceEncoder.h.

36  : ParquetScalarEncoder(buffer)
37  , omnisci_data_type_byte_size_(omnisci_data_type_byte_size)
38  , parquet_data_type_byte_size_(parquet_data_type_byte_size) {}
ParquetScalarEncoder(Data_Namespace::AbstractBuffer *buffer)

Member Function Documentation

void foreign_storage::ParquetInPlaceEncoder::appendData ( const int16_t *  def_levels,
const int16_t *  rep_levels,
const int64_t  values_read,
const int64_t  levels_read,
const bool  is_last_batch,
int8_t *  values 

Appends Parquet data to the buffer using an in-place algorithm. Any necessary transformation or validation of the data and decoding of nulls is part of appending the data. Each class inheriting from this abstract class must implement the functionality to copy, nullify and encode the data.

def_levels- an array containing the Dremel encoding definition levels
rep_levels- an array containing the Dremel encoding repetition levels
values_read- the number of non-null values read
levels_read- the total number of values (non-null & null) that are read
is_last_batch- flag indicating if this is the last read for the row group
values- values that are read

Note that the Parquet format encodes nulls using Dremel encoding.

Implements foreign_storage::ParquetEncoder.

Reimplemented in foreign_storage::TypedParquetInPlaceEncoder< V, T >, foreign_storage::TypedParquetInPlaceEncoder< V, V >, foreign_storage::TypedParquetInPlaceEncoder< int64_t, int32_t >, and foreign_storage::ParquetStringEncoder< V >.

Definition at line 55 of file ParquetInPlaceEncoder.h.

References Data_Namespace::AbstractBuffer::append(), foreign_storage::ParquetEncoder::buffer_, decodeNullsAndEncodeData(), foreign_storage::ParquetScalarEncoder::encodeAndCopy(), i, omnisci_data_type_byte_size_, and parquet_data_type_byte_size_.

Referenced by foreign_storage::TypedParquetInPlaceEncoder< int64_t, int32_t >::appendData().

60  {
62  for (int64_t i = 0; i < values_read; ++i) {
64  values + i * omnisci_data_type_byte_size_);
65  }
66  }
68  if (values_read < levels_read) { // nulls exist
70  values,
71  def_levels,
72  values_read,
73  levels_read,
76  for (int64_t i = levels_read - 1; i >= 0; --i) {
78  values + i * omnisci_data_type_byte_size_);
79  }
80  }
82  buffer_->append(values, levels_read * omnisci_data_type_byte_size_);
83  }
virtual void encodeAndCopy(const int8_t *parquet_data_bytes, int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes)=0
void decodeNullsAndEncodeData(int8_t *data_ptr, const int16_t *def_levels, const int64_t values_read, const int64_t levels_read, const bool do_encoding)
virtual void append(int8_t *src, const size_t num_bytes, const MemoryLevel src_buffer_type=CPU_LEVEL, const int device_id=-1)=0
Data_Namespace::AbstractBuffer * buffer_

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void foreign_storage::ParquetInPlaceEncoder::decodeNullsAndEncodeData ( int8_t *  data_ptr,
const int16_t *  def_levels,
const int64_t  values_read,
const int64_t  levels_read,
const bool  do_encoding 

Definition at line 89 of file ParquetInPlaceEncoder.h.

References CHECK, foreign_storage::ParquetScalarEncoder::copy(), foreign_storage::ParquetScalarEncoder::encodeAndCopy(), i, generate_TableFunctionsFactory_init::j, omnisci_data_type_byte_size_, parquet_data_type_byte_size_, and foreign_storage::ParquetScalarEncoder::setNull().

Referenced by appendData().

93  {
94  for (int64_t i = levels_read - 1, j = values_read - 1; i >= 0; --i) {
95  if (def_levels[i]) { // not null
96  CHECK(j >= 0);
97  if (do_encoding) {
99  data_ptr + i * omnisci_data_type_byte_size_);
100  } else {
101  copy(data_ptr + (j--) * omnisci_data_type_byte_size_,
102  data_ptr + i * omnisci_data_type_byte_size_);
103  }
104  } else { // null
105  setNull(data_ptr + i * omnisci_data_type_byte_size_);
106  }
107  }
108  }
virtual void encodeAndCopy(const int8_t *parquet_data_bytes, int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes)=0
virtual void setNull(int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes)=0
#define CHECK(condition)
Definition: Logger.h:203
virtual void copy(const int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes_source, int8_t *omnisci_data_bytes_destination)=0

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

const size_t foreign_storage::ParquetInPlaceEncoder::parquet_data_type_byte_size_

Definition at line 110 of file ParquetInPlaceEncoder.h.

Referenced by appendData(), and decodeNullsAndEncodeData().

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