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com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlAlterUser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SqlAlterUser (final SqlParserPos pos, final String name, HeavyDBOptionsMap optionsMap)
- Public Member Functions inherited from com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlCustomDdl
 SqlCustomDdl (final SqlOperator operator, final SqlParserPos pos)
List< SqlNode > getOperandList ()
String toString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.JsonSerializableDdl
default String toJsonString ()

Package Attributes

HeavyDBOptionsMap options

Private Attributes

String name

Static Private Attributes

static final SqlOperator OPERATOR

Detailed Description

Class that encapsulates all information associated with a ALTER USER DDL command.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlAlterUser.SqlAlterUser ( final SqlParserPos  pos,
final String  name,
HeavyDBOptionsMap  optionsMap 

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References, and com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlAlterUser.OPERATOR.

26  {
27  super(OPERATOR, pos);
28 = name;
29  this.options = optionsMap;
30  }

Member Data Documentation

final SqlOperator com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlAlterUser.OPERATOR
Initial value:
new SqlSpecialOperator("ALTER_USER", SqlKind.OTHER_DDL)

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Referenced by com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlAlterUser.SqlAlterUser().

HeavyDBOptionsMap com.mapd.parser.extension.ddl.SqlAlterUser.options

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