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anonymous_namespace{RelAlgDag.cpp}::RexInputCollector Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

RexInputSet visitInput (const RexInput *input) const override

Protected Member Functions

RexInputSet aggregateResult (const RexInputSet &aggregate, const RexInputSet &next_result) const override

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2477 of file RelAlgDag.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

RexInputSet anonymous_namespace{RelAlgDag.cpp}::RexInputCollector::aggregateResult ( const RexInputSet aggregate,
const RexInputSet next_result 
) const

Definition at line 2484 of file RelAlgDag.cpp.

References run_benchmark_import::result.

2485  {
2486  auto result = aggregate;
2487  result.insert(next_result.begin(), next_result.end());
2488  return result;
2489  }
RexInputSet anonymous_namespace{RelAlgDag.cpp}::RexInputCollector::visitInput ( const RexInput input) const

Definition at line 2479 of file RelAlgDag.cpp.

2479  {
2480  return RexInputSet{*input};
2481  }
std::unordered_set< RexInput > RexInputSet
Definition: RelAlgDag.cpp:2475

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