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anonymous_namespace{NativeCodegen.cpp}::CaseExprDetector Class Reference
+ Inheritance diagram for anonymous_namespace{NativeCodegen.cpp}::CaseExprDetector:
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Public Member Functions

 CaseExprDetector ()
bool detectCaseExpr (const Analyzer::Expr *expr) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScalarExprVisitor< bool >
bool visit (const Analyzer::Expr *expr) const

Protected Member Functions

bool visitCaseExpr (const Analyzer::CaseExpr *) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ScalarExprVisitor< bool >
virtual bool visitVar (const Analyzer::Var *) const
virtual bool visitColumnVar (const Analyzer::ColumnVar *) const
virtual bool visitColumnVarTuple (const Analyzer::ExpressionTuple *) const
virtual bool visitConstant (const Analyzer::Constant *) const
virtual bool visitUOper (const Analyzer::UOper *uoper) const
virtual bool visitBinOper (const Analyzer::BinOper *bin_oper) const
virtual bool visitGeoExpr (const Analyzer::GeoExpr *geo_expr) const
virtual bool visitInValues (const Analyzer::InValues *in_values) const
virtual bool visitInIntegerSet (const Analyzer::InIntegerSet *in_integer_set) const
virtual bool visitCharLength (const Analyzer::CharLengthExpr *char_length) const
virtual bool visitKeyForString (const Analyzer::KeyForStringExpr *key_for_string) const
virtual bool visitSampleRatio (const Analyzer::SampleRatioExpr *sample_ratio) const
virtual bool visitStringOper (const Analyzer::StringOper *string_oper) const
virtual bool visitCardinality (const Analyzer::CardinalityExpr *cardinality) const
virtual bool visitLikeExpr (const Analyzer::LikeExpr *like) const
virtual bool visitRegexpExpr (const Analyzer::RegexpExpr *regexp) const
virtual bool visitWidthBucket (const Analyzer::WidthBucketExpr *width_bucket_expr) const
virtual bool visitMLPredict (const Analyzer::MLPredictExpr *ml_predict_expr) const
virtual bool visitPCAProject (const Analyzer::PCAProjectExpr *pca_project_expr) const
virtual bool visitDatetruncExpr (const Analyzer::DatetruncExpr *datetrunc) const
virtual bool visitExtractExpr (const Analyzer::ExtractExpr *extract) const
virtual bool visitFunctionOperWithCustomTypeHandling (const Analyzer::FunctionOperWithCustomTypeHandling *func_oper) const
virtual bool visitArrayOper (Analyzer::ArrayExpr const *array_expr) const
virtual bool visitGeoUOper (const Analyzer::GeoUOper *geo_expr) const
virtual bool visitGeoBinOper (const Analyzer::GeoBinOper *geo_expr) const
virtual bool visitFunctionOper (const Analyzer::FunctionOper *func_oper) const
virtual bool visitWindowFunction (const Analyzer::WindowFunction *window_func) const
virtual bool visitDatediffExpr (const Analyzer::DatediffExpr *datediff) const
virtual bool visitDateaddExpr (const Analyzer::DateaddExpr *dateadd) const
virtual bool visitLikelihood (const Analyzer::LikelihoodExpr *likelihood) const
virtual bool visitOffsetInFragment (const Analyzer::OffsetInFragment *) const
virtual bool visitAggExpr (const Analyzer::AggExpr *agg) const
virtual bool visitRangeJoinOper (const Analyzer::RangeOper *range_oper) const
virtual bool aggregateResult (const bool &aggregate, const bool &next_result) const
virtual void visitBegin () const
virtual bool defaultResult () const

Private Attributes

bool detect_case_expr_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2599 of file NativeCodegen.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

anonymous_namespace{NativeCodegen.cpp}::CaseExprDetector::CaseExprDetector ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool anonymous_namespace{NativeCodegen.cpp}::CaseExprDetector::detectCaseExpr ( const Analyzer::Expr expr) const

Definition at line 2603 of file NativeCodegen.cpp.

2603  {
2604  visit(expr);
2605  return detect_case_expr_;
2606  }
bool visit(const Analyzer::Expr *expr) const
bool anonymous_namespace{NativeCodegen.cpp}::CaseExprDetector::visitCaseExpr ( const Analyzer::CaseExpr ) const

Reimplemented from ScalarExprVisitor< bool >.

Definition at line 2609 of file NativeCodegen.cpp.

2609  {
2610  detect_case_expr_ = true;
2611  return true;
2612  }

Member Data Documentation

bool anonymous_namespace{NativeCodegen.cpp}::CaseExprDetector::detect_case_expr_

Definition at line 2615 of file NativeCodegen.cpp.

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