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GpuDeviceCompilationContext Class Reference

#include <NvidiaKernel.h>

Public Member Functions

 GpuDeviceCompilationContext (const void *image, const std::string &kernel_name, const int device_id, const void *cuda_mgr, unsigned int num_options, CUjit_option *options, void **option_vals)
 ~GpuDeviceCompilationContext ()
CUfunction kernel ()
CUmodule module ()

Private Attributes

CUmodule module_
CUfunction kernel_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file NvidiaKernel.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GpuDeviceCompilationContext::GpuDeviceCompilationContext ( const void *  image,
const std::string &  kernel_name,
const int  device_id,
const void *  cuda_mgr,
unsigned int  num_options,
CUjit_option options,
void **  option_vals 
GpuDeviceCompilationContext::~GpuDeviceCompilationContext ( )

Definition at line 214 of file NvidiaKernel.cpp.

References CHECK, and module_.

214  {
215 #ifdef HAVE_CUDA
216  CHECK(cuda_mgr_);
217  cuda_mgr_->unloadGpuModuleData(&module_, device_id_);
218 #endif
219 }
#define CHECK(condition)
Definition: Logger.h:291

Member Function Documentation

CUfunction GpuDeviceCompilationContext::kernel ( )

Definition at line 60 of file NvidiaKernel.h.

References kernel_.

60 { return kernel_; }
CUmodule GpuDeviceCompilationContext::module ( )

Definition at line 61 of file NvidiaKernel.h.

References module_.

61 { return module_; }

Member Data Documentation

CUfunction GpuDeviceCompilationContext::kernel_

Definition at line 65 of file NvidiaKernel.h.

Referenced by kernel().

CUmodule GpuDeviceCompilationContext::module_

Definition at line 64 of file NvidiaKernel.h.

Referenced by module(), and ~GpuDeviceCompilationContext().

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