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TypedThrustAllocator.h File Reference
#include <thrust/device_vector.h>
#include <thrust/mr/allocator.h>
#include <thrust/mr/memory_resource.h>
#include <DataMgr/Allocators/ThrustAllocator.h>
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class  Data_Namespace::detail::DataMgrMemoryResource< Pointer >
 A thrust memory resource wrapped around a Data_Namespace::ThrustAllocator that allocates memory via DataMgr. This memory resource wrapper is required to properly use ThrustAllocator as a custom allocator for thrust device containers like thrust::device_vector. More...
class  Data_Namespace::detail::TypedThrustAllocatorState
 Manages the underlying state of a TypedThrustAllocator. The state consists of: DataMgrMemoryResource: this instance holds onto a pointer of the ThrustAllocator which performs generic allocations thrust::device_ptr_memory_resource: this instance is an adapter that converts the pointer returned from the DataMgrMemoryResource to a thrust::device_ptr. More...
class  Data_Namespace::TypedThrustAllocator< T >
 a Templated version of Data_Namespace::ThrustAllocator that can be used as a custom allocator in thrust device containers such as thrust::device_vector. Note that this class derives from thrust::mr::allocator in order to meet the requirements of an Allocator More...




template<typename T >
using Data_Namespace::ThrustAllocatorDeviceVector = thrust::device_vector< T, TypedThrustAllocator< T >>