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TorchWrapper.h File Reference
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struct  Detection
struct  BoxDetection
struct  ModelInfo
class  TorchWarmer


ModelInfo get_model_info_from_file (const std::string &filename)
std::vector< Detectiondetect_objects_in_tiled_raster (const std::string &model_path, const ModelInfo &model_info, const bool use_gpu, const int64_t device_num, std::vector< float > &raster_data, const RasterFormat_Namespace::RasterInfo &raster_info, const float min_confidence_threshold, const float iou_threshold, std::shared_ptr< CpuTimer > timer)

Function Documentation

std::vector<Detection> detect_objects_in_tiled_raster ( const std::string &  model_path,
const ModelInfo model_info,
const bool  use_gpu,
const int64_t  device_num,
std::vector< float > &  raster_data,
const RasterFormat_Namespace::RasterInfo raster_info,
const float  min_confidence_threshold,
const float  iou_threshold,
std::shared_ptr< CpuTimer timer 

Referenced by tf_torch_raster_obj_detect__cpu_template().

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ModelInfo get_model_info_from_file ( const std::string &  filename)

Referenced by tf_torch_raster_obj_detect__cpu_template(), and TorchWarmer::warmup_torch().

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