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SystemValidator.h File Reference
#include <Shared/measure.h>
#include "Catalog/Catalog.h"
#include "Logger/Logger.h"
#include "LeafAggregator.h"
#include "QueryState.h"
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class  system_validator::DistributedValidate
 Driver for running distributed validation on metadata across cluster. DistributedValidate provides functions for running a validation on system metadata across a cluster, with options to remove broken objects that have been identified. More...
class  system_validator::SingleNodeValidator
 Driver for running validation on a single node. More...




std::string system_validator::validate_table_epochs (const std::vector< Catalog_Namespace::TableEpochInfo > &table_epochs, const std::string &table_name, const bool is_cluster_validation)
bool system_validator::should_validate_epoch (const TableDescriptor *table_descriptor)