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SysDefinitions.h File Reference
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const std::string shared::kSystemCatalogName = "system_catalog"
const std::string shared::kDefaultDbName = "heavyai"
const std::string shared::kRootUsername = "admin"
const int shared::kRootUserId = 0
const std::string shared::kRootUserIdStr = "0"
const std::string shared::kDefaultRootPasswd = "HyperInteractive"
const int32_t shared::kTempUserIdRange = 1000000000
const std::string shared::kInfoSchemaDbName = "information_schema"
const std::string shared::kInfoSchemaMigrationName = "information_schema_db_created"
const std::string shared::kDefaultExportDirName = "export"
const std::string shared::kDefaultImportDirName = "import"
const std::string shared::kDefaultDiskCacheDirName = "disk_cache"
const std::string shared::kDefaultKeyFileName = "heavyai.pem"
const std::string shared::kDefaultKeyStoreDirName = "key_store"
const std::string shared::kDefaultLogDirName = "log"
const std::string shared::kCatalogDirectoryName = "catalogs"
const std::string shared::kDataDirectoryName = "data"
const std::string shared::kLockfilesDirectoryName = "lockfiles"
const std::string shared::kDefaultLicenseFileName = "heavyai.license"
static constexpr size_t shared::kDefaultSampleRowsCount {100}