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StreamingTopN.cpp File Reference
#include "StreamingTopN.h"
#include "RelAlgExecutor.h"
#include "Shared/checked_alloc.h"
#include "TopKSort.h"
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size_t streaming_top_n::get_heap_size (const size_t row_size, const size_t n, const size_t thread_count)
size_t streaming_top_n::get_rows_offset_of_heaps (const size_t n, const size_t thread_count)
std::vector< int8_t > streaming_top_n::get_rows_copy_from_heaps (const int64_t *heaps, const size_t heaps_size, const size_t n, const size_t thread_count)
size_t get_heap_key_slot_index (const std::vector< Analyzer::Expr * > &target_exprs, const size_t target_idx)

Function Documentation

size_t get_heap_key_slot_index ( const std::vector< Analyzer::Expr * > &  target_exprs,
const size_t  target_idx 

Definition at line 47 of file StreamingTopN.cpp.

References advance_slot(), g_bigint_count, and get_target_info().

Referenced by GroupByAndAggregate::codegenOutputSlot().

48  {
49  size_t slot_idx = 0;
50  for (size_t i = 0; i < target_idx; ++i) {
51  auto agg_info = get_target_info(target_exprs[i], g_bigint_count);
52  slot_idx = advance_slot(slot_idx, agg_info, false);
53  }
54  return slot_idx;
55 }
TargetInfo get_target_info(const Analyzer::Expr *target_expr, const bool bigint_count)
Definition: TargetInfo.h:92
size_t advance_slot(const size_t j, const TargetInfo &target_info, const bool separate_varlen_storage)
bool g_bigint_count

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