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ResultSetStorage.h File Reference

Basic constructors and methods of the row set interface. More...

#include "CardinalityEstimator.h"
#include "DataMgr/Chunk/Chunk.h"
#include "ResultSetBufferAccessors.h"
#include "TargetValue.h"
#include <atomic>
#include <functional>
#include <list>
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struct  ColumnLazyFetchInfo
struct  OneIntegerColumnRow
struct  VarlenOutputInfo
class  ResultSetStorage




using GroupValueInfo = std::pair< int64_t *, bool >


int64_t result_set::lazy_decode (const ColumnLazyFetchInfo &col_lazy_fetch, const int8_t *byte_stream, const int64_t pos)
void result_set::fill_empty_key (void *key_ptr, const size_t key_count, const size_t key_width)
int8_t result_set::get_width_for_slot (const size_t target_slot_idx, const bool float_argument_input, const QueryMemoryDescriptor &query_mem_desc)
size_t result_set::get_byteoff_of_slot (const size_t slot_idx, const QueryMemoryDescriptor &query_mem_desc)
GroupValueInfo result_set::get_group_value_reduction (int64_t *groups_buffer, const uint32_t groups_buffer_entry_count, const int64_t *key, const uint32_t key_count, const size_t key_width, const QueryMemoryDescriptor &query_mem_desc, const int64_t *that_buff_i64, const size_t that_entry_idx, const size_t that_entry_count, const uint32_t row_size_quad)
std::vector< int64_t > result_set::initialize_target_values_for_storage (const std::vector< TargetInfo > &targets)

Detailed Description

Basic constructors and methods of the row set interface.

Definition in file ResultSetStorage.h.

Typedef Documentation

using GroupValueInfo = std::pair<int64_t*, bool>

Definition at line 254 of file ResultSetStorage.h.