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ResourceRequest.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include "ExecutorResourceMgrCommon.h"
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struct  ExecutorResourceMgr_Namespace::ChunkRequestInfo
 Specifies all DataMgr chunks needed for a query step/request, along with their sizes in bytes. It also keeps track of other metadata to avoid having to recompute this info, such as total_bytes and a vector of total byte sizes for each kernel. The latter is relevant if bytes_scales_per_kernel is true, as the ExecutorResourceMgr/ ExecutorResourcePool can scale back the number of kernels allowed to run simultaneously to ensure that a query step can run. More...
struct  ExecutorResourceMgr_Namespace::ResourceRequest
 Specifies the minimum and maximum quanity either requested or granted for a request of resource_subtype. More...
struct  ExecutorResourceMgr_Namespace::RequestInfo
 A container to store requested and minimum neccessary resource requests across all resource types currently supported by ExecutorResourceMgr/ExecutorResourcePool. It also includes a ChunkRequestInfo struct to denote which DataMgr chunks (with their sizes in bytes) are neccesary for the query. More...




using ExecutorResourceMgr_Namespace::ResourceRequestGrant = ResourceRequest
 Alias of ResourceRequest to ResourceRequestGrant to better semantically differentiate between resource requests and resource grants in ExecutorResourcePool More...