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QueryTemplateGenerator.h File Reference
#include "GroupByAndAggregate.h"
#include <llvm/IR/Function.h>
#include <llvm/IR/Module.h>
#include <string>
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std::tuple< llvm::Function
*, llvm::CallInst * > 
query_template (llvm::Module *, const size_t aggr_col_count, const bool hoist_literals, const bool is_estimate_query, const GpuSharedMemoryContext &gpu_smem_context)
std::tuple< llvm::Function
*, llvm::CallInst * > 
query_group_by_template (llvm::Module *, const bool hoist_literals, const QueryMemoryDescriptor &query_mem_desc, const ExecutorDeviceType, const bool check_scan_limit, const GpuSharedMemoryContext &gpu_smem_context)

Function Documentation

std::tuple<llvm::Function*, llvm::CallInst*> query_group_by_template ( llvm::Module *  ,
const bool  hoist_literals,
const QueryMemoryDescriptor query_mem_desc,
const ExecutorDeviceType  ,
const bool  check_scan_limit,
const GpuSharedMemoryContext gpu_smem_context 

Definition at line 978 of file QueryTemplateGenerator.cpp.

References query_mem_desc.

984  {
985  return query_group_by_template_impl<llvm::AttributeList>(mod,
986  hoist_literals,
988  device_type,
989  check_scan_limit,
990  gpu_smem_context);
991 }
std::tuple<llvm::Function*, llvm::CallInst*> query_template ( llvm::Module *  ,
const size_t  aggr_col_count,
const bool  hoist_literals,
const bool  is_estimate_query,
const GpuSharedMemoryContext gpu_smem_context 

Definition at line 969 of file QueryTemplateGenerator.cpp.

974  {
975  return query_template_impl<llvm::AttributeList>(
976  mod, aggr_col_count, hoist_literals, is_estimate_query, gpu_smem_context);
977 }