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NullRowsRemoval.cpp File Reference
#include "NullRowsRemoval.h"
#include <tbb/parallel_for.h>
#include "Shared/ThreadInfo.h"
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template<typename T >
InputData< T > TableFunctions_Namespace::strip_column_metadata (const ColumnList< T > &input_features)
template InputData< float > TableFunctions_Namespace::strip_column_metadata (const ColumnList< float > &input_features)
template InputData< double > TableFunctions_Namespace::strip_column_metadata (const ColumnList< double > &input_features)
template<typename T >
InputData< T > TableFunctions_Namespace::strip_column_metadata (const Column< T > &input_labels, const ColumnList< T > &input_features)
template InputData< float > TableFunctions_Namespace::strip_column_metadata (const Column< float > &input_labels, const ColumnList< float > &input_features)
template InputData< double > TableFunctions_Namespace::strip_column_metadata (const Column< double > &input_labels, const ColumnList< double > &input_features)
template<typename T >
MaskedData< T > TableFunctions_Namespace::remove_null_rows (const InputData< T > &input_data)
template MaskedData< float > TableFunctions_Namespace::remove_null_rows (const InputData< float > &input_data)
template MaskedData< double > TableFunctions_Namespace::remove_null_rows (const InputData< double > &input_data)
template<typename T >
void TableFunctions_Namespace::unmask_data (const T *masked_input, const std::vector< int32_t > &reverse_index_map, T *unmasked_output, const int64_t num_unmasked_rows, const T null_val)
template void TableFunctions_Namespace::unmask_data (const int32_t *masked_input, const std::vector< int32_t > &reverse_index_map, int32_t *unmasked_output, const int64_t num_unmasked_rows, const int32_t null_val)
template void TableFunctions_Namespace::unmask_data (const float *masked_input, const std::vector< int32_t > &reverse_index_map, float *unmasked_output, const int64_t num_unmasked_rows, const float null_val)
template void TableFunctions_Namespace::unmask_data (const double *masked_input, const std::vector< int32_t > &reverse_index_map, double *unmasked_output, const int64_t num_unmasked_rows, const double null_val)