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LRUEvictionAlgorithm.h File Reference
#include <cstddef>
#include <list>
#include "CacheEvictionAlgorithm.h"
#include "Shared/mapd_shared_mutex.h"
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class  LRUEvictionAlgorithm

Detailed Description

This file includes the class specification for the Least Recently Used cache eviction algorithm used by the Foreign Storage Interface (FSI).

// TODO(Misiu): A lot of the code here is replicated from StringDictionary/LruCache.hpp with some minor extensions for deletion and changed to use a set. It should be merged.

This algorithm tracks which chunks were the least recently used by relying on the touch_chunk function being called when they are used. It tracks the order of use in a simple queue.

Definition in file LRUEvictionAlgorithm.h.