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ExecutionResultSerializer.h File Reference
#include "QueryEngine/RelAlgDag.h"
#include <boost/serialization/tracking.hpp>
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 BOOST_CLASS_TRACKING (RexSubQuery::ExecutionResultShPtr, boost::serialization::track_selectively) namespace boost

Function Documentation

BOOST_CLASS_TRACKING ( RexSubQuery::ExecutionResultShPtr  ,

Definition at line 28 of file ExecutionResultSerializer.h.

References CHECK, run_benchmark_import::result, boost::serialization::serialize(), and setup::version.

31  {
32 namespace serialization {
34 template <class Archive>
35 void serialize(Archive& ar,
37  const unsigned int version) {
38  // Noop - this should do nothing. Results should never be serialized. Serialization
39  // should happen before RelAlgExecutor gets its hands on the dag.
40  // This serialize method is only used to avoid compilation errors.
41  CHECK(result == nullptr);
42 }
44 } // namespace serialization
45 } // namespace boost
string version
void serialize(Archive &ar, RegisteredQueryHint &query_hint, const unsigned int version)
#define CHECK(condition)
Definition: Logger.h:291
std::shared_ptr< const ExecutionResult > ExecutionResultShPtr
Definition: RelAlgDag.h:965

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