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DelimitedParserUtils.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "DataMgr/ForeignStorage/FileReader.h"
#include "ImportExport/CopyParams.h"
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class  import_export::delimited_parser::InsufficientBufferSizeException
class  import_export::delimited_parser::DelimitedParserException




size_t import_export::delimited_parser::find_beginning (const char *buffer, size_t begin, size_t end, const CopyParams &copy_params)
 Finds the closest possible row beginning in the given buffer. More...
size_t import_export::delimited_parser::get_max_buffer_resize ()
 Gets the maximum size to which thread buffers should be automatically resized. More...
void import_export::delimited_parser::set_max_buffer_resize (const size_t max_buffer_resize)
 Sets the maximum size to which thread buffers should be automatically resized. This function is only used for testing. More...
size_t import_export::delimited_parser::find_row_end_pos (size_t &alloc_size, std::unique_ptr< char[]> &buffer, size_t &buffer_size, const CopyParams &copy_params, const size_t buffer_first_row_index, unsigned int &num_rows_in_buffer, FILE *file, foreign_storage::FileReader *file_reader=nullptr)
 Finds the closest possible row ending to the end of the given buffer. The buffer is resized as needed, with more content read from the file, until an end of row is found or a configured max buffer limit is reached. More...
template<typename T >
const char * import_export::delimited_parser::get_row (const char *buf, const char *buf_end, const char *entire_buf_end, const import_export::CopyParams &copy_params, const bool *is_array, std::vector< T > &row, std::vector< std::unique_ptr< char[]>> &tmp_buffers, bool &try_single_thread, bool filter_empty_lines)
 Parses the first row in the given buffer and inserts fields into given vector. More...
void import_export::delimited_parser::parse_string_array (const std::string &s, const import_export::CopyParams &copy_params, std::vector< std::string > &string_vec, bool truncate_values=false)
 Parses given string array and inserts into given vector of strings. More...
void import_export::delimited_parser::extend_buffer (std::unique_ptr< char[]> &buffer, size_t &buffer_size, size_t &alloc_size, FILE *file, foreign_storage::FileReader *file_reader, size_t max_buffer_resize)