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CountDistinctDescriptor.h File Reference

Descriptor for the storage layout use for (approximate) count distinct operations. More...

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struct  CountDistinctDescriptor


enum  CountDistinctImplType { CountDistinctImplType::Invalid, CountDistinctImplType::Bitmap, CountDistinctImplType::UnorderedSet }


size_t bitmap_bits_to_bytes (const size_t bitmap_sz)
bool operator== (const CountDistinctDescriptor &lhs, const CountDistinctDescriptor &rhs)
bool operator!= (const CountDistinctDescriptor &lhs, const CountDistinctDescriptor &rhs)

Detailed Description

Descriptor for the storage layout use for (approximate) count distinct operations.

Alex Suhan Copyright (c) 2017 MapD Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Definition in file CountDistinctDescriptor.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Function Documentation

size_t bitmap_bits_to_bytes ( const size_t  bitmap_sz)

Definition at line 33 of file CountDistinctDescriptor.h.

Referenced by CountDistinctDescriptor::bitmapSizeBytes().

33  {
34  size_t bitmap_byte_sz = bitmap_sz / 8;
35  if (bitmap_sz % 8) {
36  ++bitmap_byte_sz;
37  }
38  return bitmap_byte_sz;
39 }

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bool operator!= ( const CountDistinctDescriptor lhs,
const CountDistinctDescriptor rhs 

Definition at line 76 of file CountDistinctDescriptor.h.

77  {
78  return !(lhs == rhs);
79 }