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JDBC Integration Testing Notes.

1. Check out and build the branch to be tested. 
2. Use initheavy to create a fresh instance of the  default database.
3. Start the Heavy AI server to run over the new database instance.
4. Start the Heavy AI web server specifying  the --cert, --key and --enable-https options.  Test certificates can be found in the resources folder of the project.  
5. There are a range of configuration files in the resources directory; these files expect the server to be running on 'localhost'.  To connect to a server running on a different host or port, these files will need to be edited.
6. From the directory `<project dir>/java` run the command `mvn test -D -DskipTests=false -Domnisci.release.version=<version numbers>`

Note: The version in the mvn command needs to match the version listed in the top level CMakeLists.txt file. If this is a development build append "-SNAPSHOT" to the end of the version string If the connection string specified in the properties file is incorrect the tests may hang for an extended period of time Due to the method used for versioning in the pom.xml files, the mvn test command can not be run from the heavyaijdbc directory