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threadpool::FuturesThreadPoolBase< T > Class Template Reference

#include <threadpool.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for threadpool::FuturesThreadPoolBase< T >:

Public Member Functions

template<class Function , class... Args>
void spawn (Function &&f, Args &&...args)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< std::future< T > > threads_

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class threadpool::FuturesThreadPoolBase< T >

Definition at line 30 of file threadpool.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
template<class Function , class... Args>
void threadpool::FuturesThreadPoolBase< T >::spawn ( Function &&  f,
Args &&...  args 

Definition at line 33 of file threadpool.h.

References run_benchmark_import::args, f, and threadpool::FuturesThreadPoolBase< T >::threads_.

Referenced by ResultSet::ResultSetComparator< BUFFER_ITERATOR_TYPE >::materializeApproxMedianColumn(), ResultSet::ResultSetComparator< BUFFER_ITERATOR_TYPE >::materializeCountDistinctColumn(), and ResultSet::parallelTop().

33  {
34  threads_.push_back(std::async(std::launch::async, f, args...));
35  }
std::vector< std::future< T > > threads_
Definition: threadpool.h:38

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