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generate_TableFunctionsFactory_init.FieldAnnotationTransformer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def visit_udtf_node
- Public Member Functions inherited from generate_TableFunctionsFactory_init.AstTransformer
def visit_udtf_node
def visit_composed_node
def visit_arg_node
def visit_primitive_node
def visit_template_node
def visit_annotation_node
- Public Member Functions inherited from generate_TableFunctionsFactory_init.AstVisitor
def visit_udtf_node
def visit_composed_node
def visit_arg_node
def visit_primitive_node
def visit_annotation_node
def visit_template_node

Detailed Description

Definition at line 859 of file

Member Function Documentation

def generate_TableFunctionsFactory_init.FieldAnnotationTransformer.visit_udtf_node (   self,
* Generate fields annotation to Cursor if non-existing

Definition at line 861 of file

References run_benchmark_import.type.

862  def visit_udtf_node(self, udtf_node):
863  """
864  * Generate fields annotation to Cursor if non-existing
865  """
866  udtf_node = super(type(self), self).visit_udtf_node(udtf_node)
868  for _, t in enumerate(udtf_node.inputs):
870  if not isinstance(t.type, ComposedNode):
871  continue
873  if t.type.is_cursor() and t.get_annotation('fields') is None:
874  fields = list(PrimitiveNode(a.get_annotation('name', 'field%s' % i)) for i, a in enumerate(t.type.inner))
875  t.annotations.append(AnnotationNode('fields', fields))
877  return udtf_node

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